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Coral Glades Drama
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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
12:16 pm
theres alot going on right now.
tension is high,
everyone is a little stressed.

Districts on Saturday. Who's pumped?! (I'm not exactly because of personal circumstances but thats ok. I'm still excited for everyone else.) Everyone's pieces are comming along nicely, but here's what we've learned: START EARLY! My proposition for deadlines: November 9th (one month before districts). That is, that's when groups, scripts, songs, and music are due. Just an idea.

Odd Couple: Be Prepared for some killer work guys. We've lost so much time already. If anyone comes back from break not completly off book, i will shoot them, i swear to you now.
And tech: oy tech. We've been trying to work as much as possible, but its so hard and I don't know what to do. Not only do i not have much experiance with theatre as it is, but let alone the fact that we are SOOO unconventional. No theater is the biggest problem. No tech class, no wood shop, no teacher to help us. Ms.Rosencranz can help with the acting, but she's no Bob the Builder. There's where I miss Mr. Leffert. He knew his tech. =(

but we try. we try and try. If i have a public breakdown and declare "I quit!", don't be supprised.

There's too much pressure in being amazing.
O well.

Hey, btw, I've been thinking about it... What's the point of theatre? Why put so much time, effort, blood sweat and tears into something? (This is an honest question and I'm curios as to various responses) People only see it once. Months of dedication for a couple hours of preformance. Whats the point. Especially in high school, but in all, what's the point? I could understand if thats how you make a living. Like sports. You do it cuz thats what the people want to see and what they pay for. But in high school, you dont make money. What do you get out of it. Well i suppose they dont make momney in high school sports either, but noone questions that. So i dunno.

- Marianne Quinn
Drama Club MEMBER
(Club President (miss you Jessica) and Webmaster, Odd Couple Assistant Director and Assistant(?) Stage Manager, etc.)

Current Mood: exhausted
Monday, November 7th, 2005
1:55 pm
MmmKay. So I found a great large group musical for mostly women and guy/girl-it's tracy's mom so it would be Jim, hands down.

But I was thinking we could do Big Dollhouse (#10 on CD) from Hairspray. It's funny and a relatively easy song to do in the short time that we have. Choreography doesn't seem liek it'd be too difficult. I call the Warden! lol. seriously. ughhh... But yeah.

Let ME know if you wanna do it. If we get enough people i'll confirm it with Mrs. Rosenkranz and I'll start getting kareoke.

oh yeah, we need people who sing and STRONGLY act...it's really important. The singing is realively easy. But we need actresses.

Sooooooo yeah!


Current Mood: tired
Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
7:44 pm
Odd Couple
K well today we held auditions for "the Odd Couple", as most of you know. I'm not really sure what i should, or am allowed to say. I probly should wait till its all overwith, but.

there WILL be call backs. The list shall be posted in room 170 for those who Ms. Rosenkranz would like to read again.

Even if your name isn't there, don't take it to personally. We really spent ALOT of time considering each person, and trust me, if we could cast everyone, we would. The main thing we had to take into account was the characters in the play. We really liked some of your auditions, but we didn't feel they were the best fit for this particular play. For some of you, Inoticed yuor only problem was confidence. Practice makes perfect. I recomend doing a group scene for districts. Find one you like, and work on that. For others, you had great voice, and were really good with the cold read. I'd recomend for you (if we can ever get it off the ground) helping put together the Reader's theatre. Some of you were perhaps just too young for the roles. You guys have so much room to experiment and grow, (but married/divorced card playing women aren't your best characters). I suggest for you guys to look maybe into our soon-to-be children's theatre. If we develop enough serious interest in it, we could probly make it happen. Some of you have some serious talent you need to showcase. If you find a good piece, bring it to Ms. Rosenkranz (like, tommoro) and ask her if its appropriet for the Cabaret. We may even do a musical, which could call for quite a large ensamble. Look out for that.
O, and don't forget, we are going to continue the annual Student-directed one act's tradition. We'll have a sprng 1Acts showcase, and many of you know that that's a good way for you to get involved.

If you have any questions,
I'll talk to you.
I love my theatre-geeks and drama-freaks and i REALLY want the best for (and from... lets not lie) all of you.


Current Mood: calm
Wednesday, September 14th, 2005
7:42 pm

it's a complicated concept. Its all about people going to this place (Dillard Center for the Arts) and preforming little theatre things, and watching eachother. They get judged, scored, and the best get awards. States comes later.

If you want to preform at districts, heres what you need to know.
1) Be sure you're dedicated. District competition is a big deal and quite a commitment. Not to scare anyone off, but i realy wouldn't suggest getting involved if you're only going to do a half-ass job. Everyone will be allowed to go see you, and students from other schools judge you (not that you get written results from them) probably more than the judges do. You want to make your school proud.
2) pick a group your happy with. If you want to work by yourself, monologues and solo's are great. If you feel yuo'd be more comfortable in a group, choose your co-actors wisely. Your score depends as much on them as it does you. And make sure you like those people. You wil be spending COUNTLESS hours rehearsing with these people, whih is very hard to do if you dont like them (Trust Me!)
3) pick a good piece that you're comfortable doing. This is a competition after all, and you want to do your best.
4) PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE. its never to early to start. Practice makes perfect, and you'll want all you can get.
5) have fun. thats why your doing this in the 1st place right?

I would like as many peole to go as possible. I want as many peole to be interested in it as posible because thats how theatre programs grow. Through interest, and hard work. Talent helps, but thats not all its about. Dont be discouraged , just
think it through.

If yuo have any questions, or want any advice at all, honestly, talk to us. Ali (ITS President) (thats International Thepian Society, the national group that runs these types of events) is a great person to tak to. I also would love to be any help i can. Its what i live for.

If you decide on somethign to do and need a place to work and peole to help you, you can reherse on the Wednesdays drama club dosnt meet in room 170. Officer meetings are held at this time, but you're free to practice during our meeting and ask us for input once we're through.

Anything else, I'm here for ya
<3 mucho
- Marianne Quinn
Drama Club Webmaster

Current Mood: hopeful
7:26 pm
Marianne's thoughts on drama
ok so i updated the website. ALot. i tried to update the calendar, but i dunno when anything is, so w/e.

So my thoughts:
I) Jim, Jess and I were talking (shit about everyone, lol, no, j/p) and decided Ms.Rosenkranz has alot on her plate. She's trying to do so much. ie: Drama Club, Odd Couple, Cabaret, Cappies, Holocaust scenes, Shakespear scenes, this Battle-of-the-Bands w/ the Cheerleaders, Districts, a One Act, Children's theatre, her Drama 1 class, her advanced drama class (which is hard enough to manage since its like 5 classes in one) etc. Come on now, do u really think one person can handle all that? Plus her Government class, plus her Film class, plus her teaching at FAU. She's gunna need our help as much as possible.
II) This Battle of the Band thing? ok, I'm trying to be supportave, but honestly WTF. I'm torn because I'm all, 100% in favor of different groups collaborating and such, but, maybe its just cuz we were like, planning our own thing and now we cant do it. It's there thing, and as Ali put it, I dont want to be their "freak show". They want us to like, dress up and be all scary. thats basicaly it. Ms. Rosenkranz asked for stge time to do scary songs, but i dunno that that'llwork out cuz the people there'll want to see bands. NOT show-tunes. And, I dont like the fact that that leaves us (me) out of planning it. We'd have very little say in what goes on. Maybe i'm selfish and egotistical and always want my way, but i feel like i could make it so much better if i could help, and with this, i dont feel like i'd get that chance. So anyway, I'll be optimistic. I won't knock it till i hear more about it. maybe we could make it work.
III) I really hope no drama starts because of this Odd Couple being such a small show. thats one reason i decided to not audition. i'm sitting this one out and praying for the best.
IV) When will the Cullinary Cabaret acts be cast? When will they be set in stone? They have yet to be set on paper and its starting to worry me. I hate to say "we need to get on this" (cuz we say that for EVERYTHING) but we do.
V) Districts!! I dont have a CLUE what i'm doing. I wanna preform sos i can go to states, but i dont know what to do. (if anyone wants to do something with me, let me kno) I'm thinking about writing, but i dont know what to write about.
VI) Drama Club. I'm really REALLY disappointed in the way things are going. We didnt get anything accomplished today. We really need to work something out. We've discussed it, and hopefully things'll run smoother next time.
VII) Theres so much more, but this is all i have the attention span for so.

GUYS!!! Add www.geocities.com/coralgladesdrama to your favorites. Check it when u go online. (you're on LJ now, reading this. I KNOW u have the time. lol)

<3 much, see u all next meeting, if not before.

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
6:00 pm
So today we had a Drama Club officer's meeting, and it was MUY productive, especially after everyone left. That s not to say they're incompetent or anything, just that we got alot of Ms. Rosenkranz's paper-organizing done which is hard w/ a few people.

So the point is:
WE'RE ORGANIZED! We have dates for everything, and are turning in all forms, doing everything by-the-book. Check the Coral Glades Drama Calendar for up"dates". (get it? lol)

Next week we're going to play around with the Children's theatre ideas. We haven't thought much about it, but we will.

I'll be posting announcements very soon. (ie: Audition dates, etc). keep an eye out.
<3 - MQ

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
11:47 pm
Club Meeting #1:
Went well. I expect things wil just get better from here on out. I mean this, I really do.
Anyone who plans on attending the next meeting: prepare a piece, (song, dance, monologue, etc) to preform for us. Its just a fun thing, to get aquainted and comfortable with eachother, w/e. That'll be August 24th.

Check www.geocities.com/coralgladesdrama , really. I updated it a little today. I also just found pictures from LIM and our Spring shows which'l be up tommoro I hope.

O, and take the quiz, please. No one has yet and its making me sad.

Officers: CHECK YOUR EMAIL! if you didnt get one from coralgladesdrama@yahoo.com please comment. I want you to have the info i sent.

<3 U All,
- Marianne Quinn

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Friday, August 12th, 2005
5:45 pm

DRAMA CLUB: 1st Meeting: Wednesday, Room 170, 2:45pm

Current Mood: excited
Monday, August 8th, 2005
4:13 pm
So, as far as first days go, today went pretty well. The drama teacher and club sponsor, Mrs. Susan Rosencranz, is pretty cool. Shes a little bit new at it, but she's willing to work with everyone, try new things, and mostly, work at it. She knows we hafta work from the ground up. It seems that this year, more things will be done through drama club, and different things through the class.

Class: studies theater, does work shops, improv games. Some students may preform shakespear scenes while english classes are studying them.

Club: Fundraisers, Workshops, Games, Improv., Cold reads, character analysis, skits, small productions, childeren's theatre, etc.

ITS: Districts, States, One Acts Competition.

An idea was thrown out that Drama Club meets every-other Wednesday. The first 5-15 minutes would consist of information and news. ("Such and such a fundraiser", w/e.) Then for the rest of the time, the activity. ITS members can meet the other days for rehersals, auditions, etc. Mrs. Rosencranz will be there to help guide, direct, critique, etc. (Officers can also have their meetings on those days before/after rehersals or w/e) These days would not count as days that the "drama club" meets, and would be "optional" (thats not to say that anything is really mandatory) Is this a favorable idea?
- Dr. Quinn (lol)
ps: Website is being updated as we speak! (as I type!)
ps: officers, please, check your email for a letter from CGHS Drama

Current Mood: optimistic
Friday, August 5th, 2005
6:26 pm
totally psyched!
ok, i don't know about all you guys, but i'm so excited for school to start and for the drama club to get rolling! i can't wait till we decide on a play to do and maybe this time, Ms. Dilgen won't cancel it!!! (she should've been the one that was forced to leave, not Mr. Leffert!) also, what's going on with the cappies? who else is doing it? but anyway, it seemed that only the officers updated on this, so i thought i'd break the chain! see you all in 3 days! xoxo Lauren

Current Mood: excited
Friday, July 29th, 2005
6:35 pm
Officer Pre-Year meeting
Attention: roxanna, ali, alexa, marianne, morgan, and jessica
Ok so can the officers plan on having a meeting on wednesday? hows about 6:00pm at Barnes&Noble's?
we need to discuss:
-what day of the week we want to meet.
-each officer's responsablity. make sure they're still into it.
-rules. our "constitution".
-what shows/events we want to do
-fundraisers we can get started on early
anything else?
Sunday, July 24th, 2005
2:41 pm
Hi-ya bitches. So I'm agreeing with Jessica's last post. I think the officers need to have a meeting either this week or the next, just so we can get together an agenda for the first meeting and this year. There are a lot of things we need to discuss before the year starts.

Also if we haven't told you yet, Jim and I came up with a fantastic idea for out musical (cause we WILL have one): Little Shop of Horrors.

You're thinking: WHAT!??!!??! ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!

no we're not. CSI is offering us their (AMAZING) plant--for free!!!

We're getting an absolute amazing singer (yuna) who has been in the past two shoes w/ me. If you see Anything Goes (aug. 5) she'll be showcasing her talent.

And plus, if we're doing a MUSICAL, i'm sure there are others that would gladly join.

Jim and i stole karyoke from CSI (which we'll return after we burn) that we can use for the show. I think this show is highly do-able. Let's just TRY, ay!!??!!?!? COME ON!!! It's possible...like ur mom.


We currently have 3 cappies:
Morgan (lead)

We need 3 more for the main team, and 2/3 more for regional

Here is the format for the review. It doesn't NEED to be 7 paragraphs, but it does need to be bewtween 300-400 words:

Cappies_reviewCollapse )

Please pick a movie, watch it and then write a review. Usually you have any time from about 1-3 days to send in your review...it depends on the day in which you see the show. Therefore, please send it to my e-mail by Tuesday. My e-mail address is:



As for that meeting officers, let me know and we'll plan ASAP.

Monday, July 18th, 2005
2:15 pm
i think the drama officers should get together either right before school starts or right after to come up with a game plan for the year.
Monday, July 4th, 2005
12:19 am
Friday, July 1st, 2005
1:11 am
Calling all wanna-be CAPPIES. For those of you who told me before the school ended that you want to be a CAPPIE, I need to start getting your reviews asap. Leave a comment if you are interested in becoming one. I'll give you the website where you can get the rules and tell you when i need it by and basically give you all the deets.

PLease comment within the next few days if you are interested. CAPPIES gives you TONS of thespian points and looks good for college!!!!

love yas!!!!!

Morgan Haley
Lead Cappie Critic
Friday, May 20th, 2005
1:51 am
2 AM - oy
Banquet was great. A big THANK YOU to all who came. Congrats to new Thespians, good luck to thoose still waiting for a few more points. Congrats to Joel and Ali for best Actor and Actress. Congrats to Joel and Mogan for their Cappie nominations. Congrats to Ali and Marianne (me, woo!)for being Comendees for our school. Congrats to new officers for next year. Congrats to Morgan for becoming Lead Cappie. Thank you to all those willing to become cappies next year. Congrats to Marianne (me, woo!) for best Thespian and Rachel for being super Techie. (It was a hands-down no question unanimous vote that u deserved it, so we wanted to suprise you with the award.) Thanks to all who helped make this event possible. And of course, thanks to Mr. Leffert.(Do we even need a reason?)

Can't wait for Cappies Gala, and then, next year. Remember, we need to learn from our mistakes, rise above. Rock on.
lol. <3love.

Current Mood: tired
Monday, May 16th, 2005
4:27 pm
For the record,

(i dont want to bring it up again, but it seems appropriet to include this story in this Community)
The TV package on Censorship aired. It was really good, I thought. They interviewed me and Erica McKinely. We talked about how its not right that our show got canceled, that administration is abusing their power and what not. That same day, many people decided to wear "censored" stickers on their shirts made from duct tape. It was a silent protest, no problem. Many peole in drama didn't do it. (I didn't, but I did wear my "a little drama never hurt anyone" shirt) They thought it wouldn't help, and could just end up making things worse. Alot of people who had no idea what it was for DID wear them. Weird. Anyway, today a bunch of us got called down to the office. When I went in, I explained I knew about the wearing duct tape, I was upset about our show getting canceled, that i thought administartion is often unfair, that they need to give students more freedom, that I wasn't a part of the "defacement" and that I didn't know who was. They thought it was someone who was really involved and would have been "personaly affected". I explained it might not've been, and it was probly just an "in the heat of the moment" act that just wasn't thought through enough. From what i heard it wasn't alot of damage or anything, and that (even though oit was wrong) it shouldn't be made into a big deal. I'm sure we could make this a lesson instead of an example. I don't want to be a gossip so I wont spread the story too much, but thats what I understand has been going on. I just really don't want it to reflect badly on anyone. It already sucks that teachers are being fired (rather, forced to resign) because administration wants to take their subjects in a "different direction". BS. Neither Hoffman or Leffert did anything wrong. I wonder who'll be next....

Current Mood: frustrated
Friday, May 13th, 2005
4:17 pm
Congratulations to ALL the new officers for next year:

President: Jessica
Vice President: Ali
Secretary: Alexa
Webmaster: Marianne
Historian: Morgan (me! hehe)
Treasurer: Rox-anna


Don't Forget!!!! Next Wednesday is our Banquet! It's going to complete with:

*Inductions into the Thespian Society
*New Officer inductions
*Lead Cappie Announced
*An Officers skit ***that your current presidents wrote*
*A bunch of awards to be handed out.

- Cost is Free, but you must bring a dish.


The Package on 'Dentity was GREAT!!!! Dilagen is...a whore. the end.

TOOTLES, bitches!

Morgan Haley, Co-president

Current Mood: geeky
Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
6:54 pm
maybe moran was right...
Using our school as an example to change things for all schools: now THATS an idea i can live with. No offense, but contacting an attorney sounded alittle rash to me. A little unnecessary. I didnt think it could help much, but now I kinda hope it will. There should be more defined rules as to what schools and kids are/arent allowed to say or do. I have no problem with following the rules, so long as they're fair, and I understand what they are. Then its on me if I dont. Otherwise, something should be done.

Thats all I ask. I want it in wrting. In the student Code of Conduct handbook if necessary (which is a good idea to be able to refer to in situations like these). And be fair about it. Its fricken theatre. Quintisential freedom of expression. And we're in highschool, we're not 5. Let us grow up, you cant protect us from everything for ever (sounds like a "leaving the nest" speach to a parent, oy).

Current Mood: dunno.good?
6:53 pm
my thoughts
On my last entry, about MrLeffert: he's a cool guy. He means well and tries so hard to please everyone. Its just like, noone every gives him a chance. To be fair, I'll say he wasn't the best teacher. He had no control over our class, which was alot our fault, but its still his job to keep us in line w/o being a DG (DilGen) and stubborn. HE did that when he went off on his little power trips. But None of us would ever talk to any of our other teachers they way we did to him. I think its mainly cuz he's new and still learnning. He would've been much better next year I'm sure if given the chance. I dont think having him out of drama was compleetly fair. Now he's not even gunna be at our school.

To sum it up tho, I'm optomistic. I'm ready to see whats in store for next year. (I go from some drama in 7th, to none in 8th, to a freshie and uninvolved at MSD, to Major Tech/Director in 10th. Cant wait for what next year will bring). I just hope we all learned enough this year to help pull us through next year. With or without, following or dragging our new teacher, sponsor, mentor.

A Men.
- Marianne

Current Mood: optimistic
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